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The Logos University Int.® is a private institution, Registered by the State of Florida - USA N17000002992, Fantasy name registered under the Copyright Registration: MCN: W79FM-6YC04-H5N6G © copyright. Recognized by the UN-DESA with approval on: 06/03/2014. Permanent member of the UN Impact Academy.

The Academic Council is a voluntary activity that directs its actions to social outcomes. It is the consultative and deliberative body responsible for defining the organization and functioning of the academic area in technical, educational and scientific, with inseparable functions in the areas of teaching, research and extension, together with the bodies of the Senior Management and Industry Logos®

Reitor Gabriel 3.JPG

Dr. Gabriel Lopes

President of the Academic Council


Dr. Zoran Vitorovic

Vice President of the Academic Council

Celso Ricardo.JPG

Dr. Celso Ricardo

Member of Academic Council


Dr. Stuart W. Ross

Member of Academic Council


Dr. Arvind K. Sharma

Member of Academic Council


Dr. Jovan Kovacic

Member of Academic Council


Dr. Cheong Ming Lam

Member  the Academic Council


Dr. Parvis Hanson

Member of Academic Council
In memoriam


Dr. Theodor G. Seitz

Member of Academic Council

Dr. Craig Paterson.PNG

Dr. Craig Paterson

Member of Academic Council

Willian Harisson.jpeg

Dr. William Harrison

Member of Academic Council


Dr. Aleksandar Nikolic

Member of Academic Council

All Council Members are Teachers and Doctors

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