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The Logos University Florida® - UniLogos, Founded in 2006 It was incorporation in the State of Florida. With educational objectives has mission to promote and improve education. Has several National and International agreements quantifying their standard of teaching the most modern requirements.


Are fully distance courses, or also known as Open University. Will be administered via the web with the help of articles, tutorials, modules, books and reviews that will be sent and delivered to students through online or through our digital learning platform on our website.

Registered in the State of Florida - USA under no P15000016159 as University for Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate Sensu Lato and stricto sensu, Doctorates Honoris Causa and Academic Title of Meritorious



  • Associate of Arts;

  • Associate of Science;

  • Bachelor of Arts;

  • Bachelor of Science;

  • Master of Arts;

  • Master of Science;

  • Doctor of Philosophy;

  • Doctor of Education.

International Degrees: 

*dual degree program

Associate (Anthropology, Martial arts, Naturology, Philosophy, Administration, Management, Education)

Bachelor (Administration, Management, Martial arts, Naturopathy, Theology)

Masters (Education, Administration, Martial arts, Neurosciences, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Political Science, Communication).

PhDs (Education, Administration, Martial arts, Neurosciences, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Political Sciences, Communication).

*Some course programs take place through an agreement with

member Universities of UniLogos International Group.

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