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Doctorate In Education

The Doctorate in Education with a Christian emphasis has the objective of training new scientists and preparing teachers for the teaching profession.

Nowadays the Teaching in the religious area has been increasing a lot and for that reason it is necessary the professionalization and the Training of new teachers with content and technique capable of educating in a professional way, according to the current needs.

The aim of the course is to scientifically train and direct the researcher to a set of activities listed in a data integration that broadens the horizon of his knowledge, passing through the comprehension of the complexity of the development of the individual's social and psychological intellect formation, and his And at the same time to understand the relation of the being and the interferences in its psycho-intellectual with the evolving social disturbances.

The program comprises the training of the researcher doctor, promoter of development, activities and research methods in the educational area as a whole, emphasizing socio-historical and religious knowledge, management, psychology, educational clinic of the individual, ministers and pastors.
In the mentioned Doctoral course the epistemological approaches; Philosophical; Psychoanalytic and intellectual-social and religious psychologies permeate interdisciplinarily and are addressed in the integration of research.

There are 160 study and research credits


DED 001 Education and Epistemology
DED 002 Theories of Education
DED 003 Special Topics in Education I
DED 004 Special Topics in Education II
DED 005 Christian Ethics
DED 006 Christian Administration and Education
DED 007 Management, Organization and Evaluation of Educational Processes
DED 008 Education and Society
DED 009 Basic Education and Curricular Matters
DED 010 Education and Culture of Children
DED 011 Education and Inclusive Processes
DED 012 Education and Childhood: research perspectives
DED 013 Psychosocial analysis of educational processes
TS 001 Doctoral Thesis Seminar I
TS 002 Doctoral Thesis Seminar II
TS 003 Doctoral Thesis Seminar III

Criteria for applying:

1.To have master's degree

2.Fill in the proposed Charter
3. Send Updated Curriculum
4. Choose the Search Line
5. Produce the Pre Project

Duration: 3 years
160 Credits

Conclusion Documents: 

1. Certificate
2. Comprehensive Report
2. Notary Public
3. Apostille
4. List of Disciplines (Ementario)

To apply, please send an email to:

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