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The Bachelor in Education Program seeks to develop the potentialities in each student that translate into each of their gifts and talents. In a specific way, for everyone who has a genuine vocation for teaching, it seeks in their favor the formation that will allow them not only to carry out their duties, but also to be highly competitive in a society that demands the presence of a well qualified team of instructors. Also, the Bachelor in Education Program seeks to awaken in the Christian media the interest of having a well qualified team of instructors.

At the end of the course of Pedagogy at UNILOGOS, education professionals will be able to work in the teaching of early childhood education and initial series of elementary education, and may also work in various areas of formal and non-formal Christian education with a broad and consistent understanding of the phenomenon And of the educational practices that take place in different areas and specialties, as well as in the management of these educational spaces.

Credits: 240 / 3600h

Methodology: E-Learning

Requisite: Completed High School

Form of Admission: Enrollment


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