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Faculty of Martial Arts


Chairman / Director of Studies:

Prof. Dr. William A. Harrison, Ph.D

PhD in Martial Arts or Martial Science

This Martial Arts degree validates a practitioner’s lifelong accomplishment, devotion and commitment to their specific art and the Martial Arts as a whole.


The degree is based on the practitioner’s previous education, overall life skills, and professional martial arts skill and teaching.  Applicants who hold a fourth level Dan (or its equivalent within other Martial Arts systems), and/or have studied the Martial Arts for 20 (*) or more years and 30 years of age or older are accepted for the degree.


The PhD in Martial Arts offers the practitioner an additional level of certification to educate others what they have learned throughout a lifetime of dedication.  Logos University International - UniLogos, in combination with the UniLogos Soke & Sifu Federation, waives the typical criteria for a PhD degree, including matriculation, residency and exams.


The Academic Council and UniLogos Soke & Sifu Masters Federation review all applications and apply the proper credits through Logos University International - UniLogos.  Upon unanimous consent, he practitioner will be accepted for and awarded the Martial Arts or Martial Science Doctor of Philosophy degree.  This is a professional degree and fully accredited

Duration                                     N/A (based upon the above stated criteria)

Credit Value                               60 hours

Admission Requirements        4th Dan or equivalent; 20 years minimum experience

Study Options                           Online

Tuition                                         $3,900

Registration Fee                        N/A

Technology Fee                         $45 (can be waived upon approval)

MAP 909 – Dissertation or Research Project


The dissertation or research project is one that is conducted in the field of martial arts with a focus chosen by the candidate that is relevant to his or her area of interest, under the supervision of a faculty member.

MA in Martial Arts

This one-year course of study (36-credit hours) is offered entirely online with optional residency. This hands-on, project driven program for the aspiring martial arts educator adds a new dimension to your sports practice. Martial Arts is a philosophy, a way of life, an attitude, a passion, a hobby or a profession. This program takes a holistic approach and seeks to train the complete martial artist.


Professors are world and national champions in their disciplines; they are certified martial arts trainers and have an impressive tracking record. They bring to the online and on-campus classroom and dojo the blend of physical and mental preparation.


Duration                                     1 year

Credit Value                               36 hours

Admission Requirements        Bachelor’s degree or Equivalent as determined

Study Options                            Online

Tuition                                         $5,900

Registration Fee                         $60

Technology Fee                          $80


The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, and perform personal research on selected topics. Confirmation of learning may be determined via papers, projects, quizzes or exams.


Course Structure and Credit Value/Hours


MAM501 - Martial Arts History     4 Credit Hours


Where does your martial art come from? How were martial arts born? How did they develop? Documents, videos, books will take you through a journey in time to meet the figures and events.


MAM502 - Martial Arts Applied Philosophy     3 Credit hours


Martial arts is not just a physical activity, it is indeed an art, a way of life. What is the philosophy behind it? Create your own vision of martial arts philosophy by learning how to apply your knowledge and know-how in daily life and work


MAM503 - Martial Arts Geography     3 Credit Hours


Time to travel around the world and discover different practices and approaches. Branches of different martial arts are born every day. Why is this phenomenon blooming?

MAM504 - Martial Arts Anatomy     4 Credit Hours


Essential of modern and ancient medical principles no martial artist can live without. Learn some of the practical skills still very unknown to most. Prevent injury and adapt the practice to every person’s needs, depending on age and condition.


MAM505 - Martial Arts Management     2.5 Credit Hours


Create your re-create your dojo to upgrade your practice and to offer a unique experience to your students


MAM506 - Martial Arts Communication Skills     3 Credit Hours


How do you motivate? How do you give feedback? Keeping your students interested is also an art, and to recruit more a skill.


MAM507- Comparative Martial Arts     2 Credit Hours


Advising students to choose their martial art is a responsibility. Looking into the different angles of martial arts will give you a new perspective and an innovative approach to advising and adapting yourself.


MAM508 - Martial Arts in Competition     2.5 Credit Hours


Competitions in martial arts do not have the same spirit as in other sports. Learn the psychological component of preparing and participating in any type of martial art event.


MAM 509 – Thesis     12 Credit Hours


The thesis is a major research conducted in the field of martial arts with a focus chosen by the student that is relevant to his or her area of interest. It can also be used as a starting point for creating your unique project under the supervision of a faculty member.

BA in Martial Arts

This degree follows the same academics as the Masters, however, contains 120 credit hours.

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