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Chairman's (President's) Message


We are an innovative and comprehensive institution of learning, founded in 2006, and are quickly setting the stage for a longstanding teaching tradition, that will have deep roots for years to come.  As a forward-looking university located at various sites throughout our headquarter Country of Brazil, LUI-Unilogos is deeply rooted in and engaged with today’s city, province and surrounding region, playing a leading role in the recovery and conservation of the city’s magnificent and diverse historical and cultural heritage and a vibrant presence in local economy. 


Our USA based campuses, in both the States of Florida and Louisiana, are on the cutting-edge of innovation utilizing the latest avenues of online learning and self-study. While also, our global strategic supporting partners, allow us to be an excellent example of an educational institution which has in-place policies of strong strategic partnerships with public and private, national and international bodies.


This new edition of our website has been specifically designed to cater to our growing body of international researchers, students, guests and partners. I trust that, as such, you will find it useful and that it will serve to guarantee a warm welcome to our academic community, to further enhance cooperation with our international partners, and to ensure that LUI-Unilogos continues to be truly open to the world.


Welcome to our Unilogos family, please make this your educational home!



Dr. Gabriel Lopes


Chairman (President) of Logos University International - Unilogos

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