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The Bachelor of Life Parapsychology In Religion Sciences

what is it and what is it for?

Parapsychology is the science that is concerned with studying scientifically, ie via application of scientific method, the realities that go beyond what is considered normal - common and this includes three areas of research, namely:

1.Psi-kapa: this reality is one in which the person can act on matter, on physical reality by the mental pathways, without using any physical or physiological instrument. This includes spilling spoons with the mental gaze, etc. It is, therefore, the reality of the most objective phenomena, which can be studied in more detail in the laboratory, as it has been done in the last centuries.

2.Psi-gama: this reality is precisely that which is more subjective, which occurs more internally than externally. The person here can communicate by telepathy, clairvoyance and / or precognition.

3.Psi-theta: here enter all the phenomena that are connected to the aftermath: recollection (s) of past lives (retrocognition), exit from the body (astral travel), near death experience (NDE), apparitions, mediumship, Incorporations of spirits and etc. 


The Study seeks an understanding in the Sciences of Religion, uniting its understanding, its study to the concept and practice of parapsychology

Total Hours: 240 Credits / 3600 Hours
Method P.B.L. Education - Active Education

Curriculum - English and Português 

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