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Based on UNESCO's recommendation to promote quality, inclusive and equal lifelong education for all. Strategic approaches foresee the strengthening of policies, plans, legislation and systems that emphasize the promotion of education as a means of inclusion and gender equality.


The Education Action Framework 2030 aims to establish priorities at the national, regional and global levels for education by 2030 in order to implement the commitments made at the World Education Conference in May 2015 in the city of Incheon, In the Republic of Korea.

With this Objective Logos University International creates a place where debates on education become democratic, with international scope.

These are our Partners and we are aligned with Quality Education around the world.

  • World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (China)

  • Universidade Paulista (Brazil)

  • Universidad Aquino Bolivia (Bolivia)

  • Academic Impact – UN (USA)

  • Diplomatic Mission – Paz and Prosperity

  • Fundacion Europea de Medicina Tradicional China (Spain)

  • Pablo Neruda International School Of Diplomacy & Human Rights (Paquistan)

  • Intercontinental University (Africa)

  • Academy of Universal Global Peace (India)

  • Faculdade do Bico (Brazil)

  • Federação Internacional de Educação Física (Brazil)

  • Olivet Bible College (Africa)

  • Olympus Intellectual Center (Greece)

  • Singapore Association of Manipulative Medicine (Singapore)

  • University Euro – Balkan (Macedonia)

  • Centre D’etudes Touristiques (Africa)

  • Princess Carina Organization (Geórgia)

  • Universite La Pleiade D’Haiti (Haiti)

  • Visoka Skola (Serbia)

  • Academy International Science and Research (London – UK)

  • International Organization for Educational Development (India)

  • International Special Court of Arbitration and Human Rigths

  • United Nations University for Global Peace

  • City University (Cambodian)

  • Abpós Mercosul (Brazil) 

  • Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (India)

  • Escuela Europea de Negocios (Bolívia e Espanha)

  • UniGrande (Brazil)

  • ConReiki (USA)

  • Sastra Angkor University (Cambodian)

  • University Santa Úrsula (Brazil)

  • Hype Magazine, Inc (USA)

  • International American University (USA)

  • International Academic and Management Association (India)

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