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Master in Integrative Clinical Psychology


The goal of Integrative Psychotherapy is to facilitate wholeness so that the quality of the person's being and action in the intrapsychic, interpersonal, and sociopolitical space is maximized, taking into account the personal boundaries of each individual and the external forces of the environment in which Lives.

The Master in Integrative Clinical Psychology with Christian emphasis is a course that applies disciplines of the mind and spirit so that the most important principles, whether human or divine, are applied in a clinical and spiritual view.

This course uses an innovative methodology that encourages the development of the therapist's individual capacities so that he can apply his talent in his professional field.

The Master's aims are:

1. Provide conditions for the development of the research within the characteristics of the Program, in order to meet the demand of the Region by qualified professionals;

2. To prepare professionals of Integrative Psychology and related areas for the production of scientific knowledge in their areas of professional activity;

3. To prepare teachers, researchers and professionals interested in the phenomenon Psychological and religious in contemporary society.

There are 72 study and research credits


                     Click on the PDF file to access the courses



Criteria for applying:

1.To have Bachelor's degree

2.Fill in the proposed Charter
3. Send Updated Curriculum
4. Choose the Search Line
5. Produce the Pre Project

Duration: 2 years
72 Credits

Conclusion Documents: 

1. Certificate
2. Comprehensive Report
2. Notary Public
3. Apostille
4. List of Disciplines (Ementario)

To apply, please send an email to:

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