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The Logos University Int.® - Unilogos, was founded in the year of 2006,  as an educational institution fully incorporated in the State of Florida. Our core educational objective is to promote and improve quality education, within a healthy and responsive student-focused environment; while establishing and promoting partner relationships with other likeminded institutions. 


Coursework for Logos university International - Unilogos is primarily based in the areas of theology; granting undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees.  Our partner institutions of record do allow for studies outside of theological education, and degrees are fully granted by mutual respective agreement.

Registered in the State of Florida - USA under no. #N17000002992 as a University for Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate studies.


Logos University International - Unilogos, uses "e-Learning" and "online based" systems in accordance with the permission and the Laws of the State of Florida and Louisiana, USA.

Note: We do not primarily have educational classroom based activities, rather we work exclusively through online based learning modules; with seminars or workshops as required for specified coursework requirements.




Logos University Coat of Arms


Central shield embodies the Tree of Knowledge,

the Fruit depicts the struggle of mankind in their pursuit of knowledge,

flanked by Laurel Branches of the nobility towards all quests of self-enhancement.


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